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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 :::
Ah-Huh! Ah-Huh! let's deport a few "suspicious" Muslim-types. No? Oh, I forgot, that's not the American way: well, get a load of this guy who was deported from Saudi Arabia for telling folks about Christianity!.......from Worthy News. See below:

Now 42, Ambaye became active in an Ethiopian-Eritrean Christian congregation in Jeddah five years ago, he told Compass. He had worked as a tailor in Saudi Arabia since 1987. During the past two years, a dozen other members of his congregation have been jailed and deported by Jeddah police authorities, who keep the church leaders under frequent surveillance.

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Monday, August 11, 2003 :::
Lookie Here! Our military guys coming home have revealed that the Iraqis have ALREADY had restored to them what electricity, water, etc., they had DURING Saddam's Reign of Terror. They're just rioting beause they want MORE than they had. Gee, the media never tells THAT part of the story, do they????? See below:

Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in Basra during the weekend, throwing rocks and bricks at British troops to protest water, fuel and electricity shortages in the city. ( AP Photo /Sergei Grits )

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Sunday, August 10, 2003 :::
2 letters I wrote today to the NYTimes -
1. defending the despised Christian Ashcroft,
2. Reminding Frank Rich, a Jew, that he neglected to mention the Bible while discussing the first spiritually-birthed institution (Marriage):

Yes...the Founding Fathers would be horrified that all in government are not like Ashcroft!!!!! Remember (oh, you forgot) that all were commited Christians (save Franklin) who sacrificed their fortunes so you could be free to write such...uh....such stuff daily that defies, ignores, and flies in the face of the Bible, which ALL the Founding Fathers (INCLUDING Franklin) drew from and considered it their plumbline and guide in the birthing of America.

Dear Mr. Rich, How I enjoy your clever writing! You forgot something, though, and being Jewish (I think I remember your saying on a CNN interview way back..two Springs ago)...being Jewish, shouldn't you have mentioned the Torah......or the Old Testament?? It is still the Truth - the only Absolute that there has ever been. Shouldn't you have at least MENTIONED it? The fact that the majority of Americans still adhere to Its Truth flies in the face of and is the basic problem for everyone else's lusts, wants, and consequent ideologies. Shouldn't you have AT LEAST mentioned what God Himself, Our Creator, wrote for us?
Please pass this among your editors for their thoughtful consideration. Thank you,

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