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Monday, July 14, 2003 :::
Howard Dean accusing Bush of "Watergating"!!! Oh, BROTHER!(see below)
ALSO... did you see where everybody's taken the opposite stance (from yesterday) on Niger uranium?????? Unbelieveable!!! Well, Like I said yesterday -ahem- I don't believe a word ANYBODY says who has EVER been REMOTELY attached to Saddam!

To those of us who supported Iraq's liberation without reservation, the 16 words in the president's speech are an irrelevancy. There was an overwhelming legal, strategic and humanitarian case for removing the Baathist regime from Baghdad, whether or not it recently sought to obtain uranium in Africa. And let's be honest: For Howard Dean, the African uranium question is equally irrelevant. His Watergate comparison is telling. Watergate, after all, was a criminal conspiracy; Dean seems to view the liberation of Iraq as a crime (and Saddam Hussein as the victim?).........................This is a keeper from Best of the Web Today!

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Sunday, July 13, 2003 :::
OK, OK, so we're STILL yaa-yaaing about WMD AND the uranium from Niger. Frankly, I wouldn't believe a FORMER anybody from Niger or any of those places where the USA is hated, resented, feared, and/or envied. How HARD would it be for Saddam to BUY OFF ANY of those FORMER officials to get them to lie? People will tell lots of lies for a million bucks. I don't believe a one of them - not one. Veracity is NOT a strong"suit" in un-Christian nations, anyway....AND they ADMIT IT!!

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