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Saturday, June 28, 2003 :::
Yes, 200 deaths of our troops are TERRIBLE., but WHO thought this initiative would NOT stir up a fire storm, anyway? Had we not gone in, all the poor Iraqis would still be suffering, and ALL of US (USA) might be DEAD by now!! Who KNOWS what that horrible crowd in power was cooking up? Answer: NOBODY.....yet. Not any on OUR side, that is. Few thinking people would deny that outside of Western culture (succinctly put??), resentment, revenge, and retribution are pretty much the order of the day. If you think that they weren't getting ready to pay us back for Kuwait, yer KRAZE! Hey! Did I forget to put ANGER on their list???? Let's SEE, R, R, R, and ANGER....OK, OK, so THAT's NOT the bottom line. I know; it's hatred of God, hatred for Israel a.k.a. the Jews, and hatred of Christians (they presume that all of America is Christian, because of our liberty.) Let's see...Humm-m-m.....liberty in a culture, a liberated culture, where does that come from again? Next, on another note: Fantasy and magic......get ready 4 A BOMB!

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Thursday, June 26, 2003 :::
So, the Supreme Court okays sodomy, huh? Well, brace yourself for a sulphur and brimstone fire storm form Heaven. God has a DIFFERENT solution than the Court for today's Sodom and Gomorrah. Notice June 18 post that refers to the times, they are a-changin....but wait! No! God NEVER changes, nor do His decrees. We can change everything, be as free, as modern and as liberal as we please, but the price is TOOOoooooooooo high.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2003 :::
I say keep this for future arguing!!! D.
From Best of the Web:
Dems Gone Wild
The Weekly Standard's David Brooks has a smart piece on the Democrats' increasingly distant relationship with reality. "The Democrats . . . look like they're turning into a domestic version of the Palestinians--a group so enraged at their perceived oppressors, and so caught up in their own victimization, that they behave in ways that are patently not in their self-interest, and that are almost guaranteed to perpetuate their suffering," he writes. The explanation:

Whether it is across the ocean or across the aisle, powerlessness corrupts just as certainly as power does. Those on top become overly self-assured, emotionally calloused, dishonest with themselves, and complacent. Those on the bottom become vicious. Sensing that their dignity is perpetually insulted, they begin to see their plight in lurid terms. They exaggerate the power of their foes. They invent malevolent conspiracy theories to explain their unfortunate position. They develop a gloomy and panicked view of the world.

Republicans are suffering from many of the maladies that afflict the powerful, but they have not been driven into their own emotional ghetto because in their hearts Republicans don't feel that powerful. Democrats, on the other hand, do feel powerless. And that is why so many Democratic statements about Republicans resemble European and Middle Eastern statements about America.

Noting that "fury rarely wins elections," Brooks speculates that if the Dems don't get real, and if the economy improves and the war continues to go well, we could soon see a "sharp political shift toward the Republicans."

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To Eleanor Clift at Newsweek;
1. No, WMD do not resonate outside of the Beltway because:

2.What, Eleanor, would you have the President DO while our boys are getting shot????? Stay home and give the election to the "Complaining Dems"???? Did YOU give a solution or just accuse like the rest of them?????? Politics is politics, and in order to WIN you have to have MONEY and you have to CAMPAIGN. Bush is a winner, a good campaigner, a happy, solid man with no foul, embarrassing hang-ups. WHY can't you be happy??? WHY can't you be GLAD????

3.WHY do you call the above attributes ARROGANT?????? Can you not tell the difference between arrogance and CONFIDENCE???? What if it turns out that you are wrong on ALL COUNTS? Would you be woman enough to admit it? Do you REALLY believe, for instance, that if WMD are found, that everyone won't ACCUSE (there's that word again) the USA, President Bush, the Military, everyone but Saddam, of PLANTING THEM???

4. Check out and look at the adoring faces on the American street (outside the Beltway) who LIKE President Bush. You're way out of touch, Ma'am.
Thank you for reading this. Please pass this among your editors for their thoughtful consideration.
To Krugmanat NYTimes:
We are on God's path and will continue to be on it from here on out, regardless of how many articles you write to the contrary, how many people you accuse - or how many people you influence, for that matter. Suggested reading: The Left Behind Series; The Book of Revelation. Man, whether President or NYTimes Columnist, has no control over the next few years, whether decades or centuries. Besides, we have all done a pretty poor job of "Thy will be done." Seeing with spiritual eyes, though, requires consecration and changes on our part - totally voluntary, of course, but we are left devastingly blind, if we ignore God's conditions. He's in charge of The Real Road Map.Thank you

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Sunday, June 22, 2003 :::
My response to a well-known writer's response to me.

Well, it's OK for us to disagree, and I'm sure all that you said is true, but the superceeding Truth is that the Holy Ghost is offended, because the Scripture forbids witchcraft because of its harm to us . Anyhow, I'm pretty sober today. My only brother's-in-law bone marrow transplant failed, and he met Eternity at 6:30 A.M., All our frivolities come to a screeching halt in light of Eternity and Jesus' Lordship. Thanks, Diana

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