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Saturday, June 21, 2003 :::
LET me comment on the H.P. phenom, especially "muggledom":
The human spirit is created to yearn for the supernatural. That's a given - God set in us a desire to see the natural overridden (not by brooms!) by the supernatural. That's why everybody loves Hallowe'en who doesn't know of its satanic origins, or doesn’t see the need to honor Christ. I used to ADORE the all-black "Headless Horseman" picture in my first grade reader. (Try to imagine!) I LOVED the Gypsy doll in the Nancy Drew mystery that was warm - supernaturally WARM...Oh, it thrilled and chilled my spine, but that was BEFORE I saw the blind see, the lame run, the deaf hear, the homosexual freed from those chains, and the drug addict INSTANTLY sobered up and delivered, all in Jesus' Mighty Name. (People I KNOW, by the way!) WOW! The REAL THING - Jesus - puts Mickey Mouse magic in the shade by miles and miles. Of course, with satan's magic, there ARE thrills, and no consecration or change is required, but his magic is NO help whatever when you're flat on your back with a fatal disease or in an airplane plummeting to earth. Only those who follow the Savior of the whole world, and each person who CHOOSES Him get THOSE kinds of rescues.
As to Muggles: the author Rowlings, who is satan's strategist here on earth, not so deceptively relegates those of us who refuse to delve in or operate in the Black Arts because of our love for and dependence on Jesus, relegates us (as I said) to an unpleasant, mean, stupid group of society - just short of wearing the yellow star - to be looked down on, to be sure, as very undesirable. Well, she’s got a HUGE thing going, and the results of discrimination against Muggles (us) will soon be felt as little kids sneak off and practice their newly-learned witchcraft (which God REPEATEDLY forbids in His Word) and become more “donkey-eared and donkey-tailed” by the minute (with apologies to Pinnochio).

For Famous Young Wizard, a Darker Turn

(From last 2 paragraphs) It's as if the boy next door had been miraculously transported from the Muggle world we all know to a magical realm where dementors and thestrals lurk, a world where people can pour their extra thoughts into a "Pensieve" or whisk themselves from one place to another with a Portkey. ..........
As this volume, like its predecessors, attests, Ms. Rowling has imagined this universe .....The wizards, witches and Muggles who live there share complicated, generations-old relationships with one another and inhabit a place with traditions, beliefs and a history all its own — a Grimm place where the fantastic and fabulous are routine, but also a place subject to all the limitations and losses of our own mortal world. ..(My addition here: All the while this frollicking generation - starting in SECOND GRADE, mind you! - plumments into an all-encompassing downward spiral of evil, which drags them toward the hopeless black eternity of hell. D.)

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You know what? Even if it turns out to be the BIG one, and all proof is in, there are those in Iraq, in France, Germany AND in the USA ( I was visiting in one of their homes this week) who HATE the war, HATE President Bush, HATE the things of God, and MANY of those will flatly DENY any found evidence, even going so far as to claim we (the USA) PLANTED the evidence! The moral of this story is: there is only One Truth, and that is Jesus Christ, the Son of the One Living God. As the last days rush toward conclusion, no truth is going to stand anyway, but Jesus, Lord of All. See News Heading Below:

U.S. Forces May Have Found WMD Documents (from yahoo News)
AP - 24 minutes ago
U.S. forces acting on an intelligence tip raided an abandoned Baghdad community hall early Saturday and seized documents that may contain information about Iraq's suspected weapons of mass destruction

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Thursday, June 19, 2003 :::
Well, DUH! Spiritual hurdles for sure! Disobedient to God hurdles. No, I'm not a "homophobe;" there's no such thing in Christendom, anyway. True Christians love homosexuals; I have former homosexual friends who are loosed and free from it, and I have friends who still choose the lifestyle, but I draw the line when they REQUIRE ME to agree with them, and pay (money) for them to enjoy THEIR lifestyle...which MY non-militant homosexual friends don't expect or demand. I do get VERY tired when homosexuals lie about their numbers, though. Instead of their claimed 10% in America, they've now admitted a gross manipulaton of numbers; it's less than 1% in America - which is too large, anyway, but HEY! I'm willing to let anyone sink their own boat (these are NEW Testament Times, you know) as long as I'm allowed to speak God's mind on the subject without being persecuted, despised, hated, given black looks, etc. - especially since they're so big on being persecuted themselves . Check out today's NYTimes headline followed by one last week from Worthy news.

U.S. Gays Who Marry in Canada Face Hurdles
Gay Americans who visit Canada to marry will come home to a confusing patchwork of overlapping jurisdictions

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Wednesday, June 18, 2003 :::

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A nine-year-old Indian girl was married to a dog in West Bengal state's Hooghly district. The street marriage took place under a Santhal tribal custom of protect the child from evil.(AFP/File)

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Thousands of copies of the eagerly awaited new Harry Potter (news - web sites) book were stolen from a warehouse in England over the weekend, police said June 17, 2003. The 7,680 copies of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,' the fifth in JK Rowling's series on the boy wizard, were taken in a late-night heist on Merseyside in northern England on June 15, 2003. (Reuters Graphic) BY THE WAY, DIDJA' SEE ALL THE KIDS IN TIME MAG. WITH THE GLASSES ON??????? PRETTY GRAPHIC PHOTO......OL' SLEWFOOT'S DETERMINED TO PUT BLINDERS ON THIS GENERATION'S EYES, AIN'T HE?.... REMEMBER IN THE '50'S WHEN A POPULAR RECORD BY ANDY GRIFFITH TALKED ABOUT WHAT THE "GOOD BOOK," MEANING THE BIBLE, SAID????? WELL, CHECK THIS OUT:1,405 EMPIRE STATE BUILDINGS...THAT'S HOW HIGH THE 8 MILLION H.P. BOOKS WOULD GO IF STACKED UP. SOUNDS ALMOST LIKE ANOTHER TOWER OF BABEL TO ME! LOTS OF DEMONIC BABBLING GOING ON THAT PARENTS ARE GLADLY ACCOMMODATING THEIR CHILDREN WITH.

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OK,OK, so WHO is ordering these poor demonic people to burn themselves up????? Did you ever wonder where the demons went that Jesus ordered OUT of the PIGS???????

Wed Jun 18, 1:19 PM ET An Iranian runs on the road after setting himself on fire during a protest near the headquarters of the French counter intelligence agency, Wednesday, June 18, 2003 in Paris. At least three Iranians set themselves on fire Wednesday after the agency led a massive raid on Tuesday on the offices of an Iranian opposition group, The People's Mujahedeen of Iran. The protest was the latest in a series of dramatic protests in Europe against Tuesday's crackdown onthe Mujahedeen Khalq, which is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union (news - web sites). (AP Photo/KR Images Presse, Nicolas Marques)

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The Canadian prime minister's name is SOoooo close to Cretian in the Bible, which means.......ahem.........liar, evil beast, and idle glutton! Titus 1:12.


"You have to look at history as an evolution of society."
JEAN CHRÉTIEN, prime minister of Canada, after his cabinet approved a policy to open marriage to gay couples. (Also)
Canada to Allow Homosexual Marriages
The Canadian prime minister said he will file a bill to permit same-sex marriages, a change that would make Canada only the third country where homosexual couples can legally wed. AP - Wed Jun 18, 3:57 AM ET


This is the same guy of whom I wrote: HAS THIS GUY LOST HIS MIND????????????????????? on Thursday, September 12, 2002
See below:
Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien in a CBC interview on September 11, 2002 linked the Sept. 11 suicide attacks to the perceived arrogance and selfishness of the United States and the West. Chretien, the first leader of a western major nation to suggest that the suicide hijackers might have been motivated by what he describes as the misguided policies of a rich and powerful West that did not understand the need for restraint, is seen with President George W. Bush at the Fort Street Cargo Facility in Detroit, Michigan, Sept. 9. Photo by Larry Downing/Reuters

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