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Friday, June 13, 2003 :::
A message for those who keep griping about and sniping at the President about the war: In your desire, expectation, and quest for a perfect world, have you considered the following?

You know what gets my goat? About 2/3 of the current problems in Iraq and with the war itself would NOT even be an issue at all if President Bush had not been forced to delay, delay, delay attacking while trying to please the French, the Germans, the Russians, the UN, and the Dems in America who were biting at his heels. Think about it now, the cool billion Saddam was able to make off with, the weapons he destroyed or sent to Cuba?..(just kidding) while "Rome burned," the preparations for war he was able to make, like placing scud missles in neighborhoods, the MONTHS of time he had to hide things, bury things (AND people!), the horrid liasons he got time to knot together, the myriad hideouts he was able to procure....need I go on???..the people nabbed, tortured and killed at the last minute, the scruffians who seeped into Iraq to commit murders against our troops. Now....ALL these things (and WHO KNOWS what else?) were allowed to be made possible while Bush was forced to delay, delay, delay - months of delay - while trying to please and appease world opinion (which can't be reasoned with anyway, EVER!) and it gave Saddam TIME, TIME, TIME to set up his evil contingencies; why, he probably was able to devise a plan to hire and pay for the sharp-shooting murderers who are sniping at and killing our guys even this week! Bounty hunters, indeed! Shame on the foot-draggers! The cost to our troops has been incalculable. Also, a little gripe of my own: have you wondered WHY our troops weren't wearing flack jackets before yesterday???????? I kept thinking, "Why don't they have on bullet-proof jackets?" Thank you for reading this.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003 :::
REMEMBER this 1999 Article in 2008, please.

National Desk | October 4, 1999, Monday New York Times
Gay and Lesbian Group Offers Thanks to Clinton

By JOHN M. BRODER (NYT) 1071 words
Late Edition - Final , Section A , Page 18 , Column 1
ABSTRACT - Pres Clinton is warmly received at black-tie, fund-raising dinner in Los Angeles sponsored by Access Now for Gay and Lesbian Equality, largest gay political group in California; is hailed despite having angered many gay men and lesbians with his acceptance of 'don't ask, don't tell' compromise on homosexuals in military, and with his signing in 1996 of Republican-sponsored law denying Federal recognition of same sex marriages; photo (M) Eight years ago this week, Bill Clinton, then Governor of Arkansas, sat down with a small group of gay and lesbian advocates in Hollywood and made modern political history by becoming the first major-party Presidential candidate to court gay support openly.

Seven months later, as the presumptive Democratic nominee, he left many of his gay supporters in tears at the Palace Theater in Los Angeles when he fervently declared to a large crowd, ''I have a vision of America, and you are part of it.''

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Tuesday, June 10, 2003 :::
Oh, God! Doom has STRUCK! PRAY!PRAY!

Mon Jun 9, 4:14 PM ET Yahoo News

A monument with the Ten Commandments on them is removed from outside West Union High School, Monday, June 9, 2003, in West Union, Ohio. A federal judge has ordered the monument, and others in front of several schools in Adams County, be removed Monday. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

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AH-HA!!!! So NOW we hear about this..NOT from the mainline newspapers or news services, but the measly li'i ol' Washington Times!!!

Iran agrees Iraq hid arms - Washington Times
An Iranian government official with ties to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Tehran sides with the Americans on one big issue - Saddam Hussein's weapons.

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According to The New York Times, captured leaders of Al Qaeda explicitly told the C.I.A. that they had not been working with Saddam. (copied).............and WHO believes a WORD THOSE people say??????????????

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Monday, June 09, 2003 :::
I couldn't help but copy this from Best of the Web. Sandra Kellar, a.k.a. Mrs. Muslim Veil, lost her bid in court. look at these facts that
follow. She and her husband had twin foster girls removed from their home by DEFACTS. What a sham!!!............

Because has the mug shot online, thousands upon thousands of people have now seen Sultaana Freeman's face who would never even have heard of her otherwise. There is some justice in the world.

A CNN sidebar surveys drivers-license rules in Muslim countries. It turns out that women don't cover their faces for ID photos in any of the listed countries: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. In Saudi Arabia, of course, women aren't allowed to drive at all. Why should a Muslim be able to use her religion to claim a legal privilege she wouldn't be accorded in Mecca itself?

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Famine-struck N Koreans 'eating children' - London Telegraph
Cannibalism is increasing in North Korea following another poor harvest and a big cut in international food aid, according to refugees who have fled the stricken country.

Oh, God help us; help them; bring down that horrid dictatorship that wants nuclear arms, but starves its children.

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Amazing! SOMEBODY is giving God the credit (sort of) for something! With all the buzz going on about why they hate us (Friedman), you'd think someone would be able to put 2 and 2 together.
Re NYTimes article: Why America Outpaces Europe (Clue: The God Factor)

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Sunday, June 08, 2003 :::
My response to the NYTimes' Thomas Friedman article which tries to explain world affairs without giving God a mention, much less a second thought:

There ARE absolutes, you know, which an angry world chooses to ignore. Ignore is the root word of ignorance, of course, and ignore the Almighty if we will, but He WILL prevail, using whomever CHOOSES to obey Him and His ways. Whoever thought it wouldn’t be messy is nuts, though. Also, whoever dances with the devil CAN’T be reasoned with. “Giving an ear” to Muslim extremists is useless, unless you want to DONATE one - an ear, that is! See note at end.*

All three of the following comments in Sunday’s “answer to your answer” ignore the Mighty Godhead, and the Saints who pray for His will to be done here.
1. yes frightened by the unopposed power of an Administration that has total disregard for those who disagree with it and that threatens the future of this world with its indifference to anything outside of its own plans [and] that addresses the interests of a very, very small but exceedingly wealthy group of people and institutions."

2.but we can give them an ear. And we can respectfully make clear as day that we understand their worries, we feel their pain, and this is why we disagree.

3. "All I know is that you can be a large physical presence in a barroom, but you don't have to make fun of people, be pushy, or respond to hostility with a punch.

Didn’t my comments sound arrogant and bossy, imperialistic and Bushy? Well, I am qualified to make the above comments because I have seen the blind see, the lame run, and the deaf hear, all in Jesus’ Mighty Name…by the way, they were people I KNEW, and even I - a nobody - have prayed for the lame and the deaf and have seen them healed (instantly) in that Name. Mr. Friedman has a problem with his own response today to the 8,000 world-wide responses he received. It is: the people he DIDN’T hear from DON’T read the NYTimes. They are busy praying for a hurting, dying world, and making a difference in the lives of the downcast; they are NOT demonstrating on the streets, blaming others for the world’s ills (or their own), nor are they full of anger, bitterness, hatred, and retribution. The person on your thread** who blames the “Zionists” (the Jews, you know; it'a always the fault of the Jews) is the most ignorant of all, because he blames God for His own plan! Whoa!! Besides we weren’t against IRAQ, but its bloody dictator who would have killed us all, if given the opportunity.

** cogit8: "Mr. Friedman's columns are refreshing to read now, especially since he's seen the light on how badly wrong the whole zionist enterprise against Iraq could go.".............. Well, the Truth will out, and woe to those who have ignored and refused it.

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"It is much easier to grow than the other crops. Look, we have put no fertilizer on it, and look how pretty it is."
BLANCA RUBY PEREZ, a Colombian whose family grows heroin poppies. Sunday NYTimes, June 8, 2003

Well, DUH! If YOU were the devil, would YOU make good food grow easily so people could be fed, or would you make poppies flourish, so humanity world-wide would crave a counterfeit instead of God, and end up dying by the untold thousands? Do we continually forget that Jesus TOLD us that the devil is the god of this world, thanks to Adam giving up his dominion?

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