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Friday, June 06, 2003 :::
Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci warns in her recent book, "The Rage and the Pride," of an "Islamic Reverse Crusade" that aims to conquer the West.

"It is a war of religion," she writes. "A war they call Jihad. If we do not defend ourselves, if we do not fight, the Jihad will win. … It will cancel our culture, our art, our science, our identity, our morals, our values, our pleasures."

Europe is no longer Europe, she says, "It is a province of Islam" that hosts "almost 16 million Muslim immigrants and teems with mullahs, imams, mosques, burqas, chadors. It lodges thousands of Islamic terrorists whom governments don't know how to identify and control." .....from a WND article about France being in trouble due to millions of Muslim immigrants, as they dictate and demand Muslim mores at universities. I never thought I'd sympaththize with the French about ANYTHING, but in the '80's when I was in Paris, I was shocked at all the Muslim, especially African, types there, and THAT was 17 years ago. This is big-time trouble, and heralds the last of the End-Times, I think. Now, don't go calling me intolerant or a racist; I'm neither, but being forced into someone else's religious stew is not what America is about, and she'll NEVER be taken over by religious zealots, no matter WHO they are, or WHAT they aspire to do, as long as we worship the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD, and His Son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Who is Risen and seated
at the right hand of God the Father...Also, you'd have to be BLIND to miss the rise of world-hatred of the Jews...AND the significant Muslim drive to make it worse....End-Times, indeed, when the Jews get targeted world-wide!! Look what also came today. Amazing:

For the last three years, the Simon Wiesenthal Center has been on the forefront of fighting a wave of anti-Jewish hate crimes in France, the majority of which were carried out by Muslim extremists.

Throughout this crisis, Wiesenthal Center officials met with senior French officials to get better protection for targeted Jewish institutions and neighborhoods........
Now see what ELSE is in the news today. Incredible!!!
• Jews flooding into Germany - UPI
The turbulent relationship between Jews and Germany is taking yet another stunning turn. Seventy years after Hitler's ascendance to power and 60 years after the Holocaust, more Jews are flooding into Germany than into any other country, Israel included......
Oh, well, ther is SOME good news: today in Florida, that blond woman judge refused to let that Muslim woman have her driver's license renewed if she wouldn't drop her veil! Bully for you, Judge! America is STILL America!!!! YEA!!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 :::
1. So, the President has called for the formation of a Palestinian State, after all, even as the report comes today that the overwhelming majority of Muslims world-wide believe Israel SHOULD NOT EXIST. And WHO is it that thinks this will WORK??????Oh, God, help us! Check out the following horror show...................

Muslims lament Israel's existence
If the American threat of preemptive military action against Iraq inflamed the Muslim world over the winter, the war itself fanned the flames, with a sharp new rise in hostility toward the United States, the latest Pew survey has found.
Animosity is so high that solid majorities in five populations surveyed expressed confidence in Osama bin Laden to "do the right thing" in world affairs.
And, at a time when the Israeli government has accepted the right of Palestinians to statehood, most Muslim populations surveyed believe by wide margins that the needs of Palestinians cannot be met so long as the state of Israel exists.
The poll, conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, surveyed more than 15,000 people in May. Muslim populations included were Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Palestinian Authority and Turkey.(Not all)
Meg Bortin/IHT International Herald Tribune Tuesday, June 3, 2003 PARIS

2.GLOBAL JIHAD (WND) Posted: June 4, 200
Islamists burn to death Christian pastor, family
Massacre of 59 came as Sudan discussed with USA their removal from terror list---------------------------

3000 were massacred and 10,000 unaccounted for, assumed sold as slaves. (Millions killed)

3. Hillary, Pillory
In a 1999 survey, readers of the New York Post voted Hillary the sixth "most evil person of the millennium," behind Adolf Hitler, her husband Bill, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot and Dr. Josef Mengele. She was one position ahead of Saddam Hussein, who was ranked seventh most evil. The Post reported the Clintons were surprise winners because both were "write-in" nominees.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Hillary was also named the most corrupt person in America by Judicial Watch in the group's 'Dirty Dozen' list for 2002 (from WND)

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Monday, June 02, 2003 :::
It Was About Oil'
Germany's development minister, Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul, has joined "a chorus of criticism in Europe" over coalition forces' failure thus far to find substantial stocks of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Associated Press reports from Berlin. "We see in the current discussion that it was about oil, it wasn't about weapons of mass destruction," she declares.

Meanwhile, Reuters reports from Baghdad that "two Iraqi brothers made their home a prison for 23 years to escape execution by Saddam Hussein's security forces, seeing daylight only after his fall." Their 67-year-old mother, identified in the report only as Zahra, says that "her husband, pregnant daughter and another son had already been executed as suspected members of the Shi'ite Muslim Daawa Party." She hid her surviving sons, Saad and Ibrahim--now 45 and 39--in a room in her house, keeping the secret even from the family's closest relatives despite constant harassment from Saddam's "security" forces:

The brothers finally emerged from hiding a week after Saddam's fall on April 9, when they were sure U.S. forces had really conquered Iraq.

"Freedom is so very important. I can't express the feelings that overwhelmed me when I finally went out on the streets. My old friends were shocked when they saw me," Ibrahim said. . . .

"I was so relieved. It was the first night in 23 years that I had a good night's sleep," Zahra said, wiping away tears.

Boy, will she be mad when she finds out it was about oil.
Best of the Web Today - June 2, 2003

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Re Fineman's NYTimes article, "Why Do They Hate us?" ..meaning everybody in the world, not just the Muslims???: and I quote from that article......"You, America, are now touching my life more than my own government. You are touching it by how your culture seeps into mine, by how your technologies* are speeding up change in all aspects of my life, and by how your economic rules* have been `imposed' on me. I want to have a vote on how your power is exercised, because it's a force now shaping my life."

Hey! HEY! That's how AMERICANS feel about Muslims and other "furriners" influence on our lives...........Tell Mr. Fineman, "WELL, put, Sir, Well put!!!" Only, the shoe is on the other foot. We, 'Merkins should be the speakers, not the rest of the world!!! Thank you, Diana Smith Highsmith
* exchanging, of course, the words technologies and economic rules for...what ...let's see.....their all-consuming religious practices and demands?????? Ex: below of Florida Muslim demanding veil for Driver's License. Oh, Boy!!!!
Well, to be bottom-line honest, the hatred REALLY has to do with the Gospel of Jesus Christ being sent out from this mighty nation. America has evangelized a lost and dying world more than ANY other nation, and if THAT won't make the debbil mad, WHAT will????

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Sunday, June 01, 2003 :::
Yet another letter I sent to the NYTimes. Now they're accusing Bush of making up intelligence facts so he could go to war. Sniff a trend here, Dear Readers???

Yeah, yeah, yeah.You Iraqi -haters, I know the election is heating up, but you'll never get off the ground with your accusations against our president. Why? More mass graves discovered every day. Can't you guys EVER be thankful for ANYTHING??????? Why aren't you happy that bride-stealer/murderer Uday has been put out of commission? Well, thank you for reading this. Diana Smith Highsmith

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My answer to the heartless NYTimes columnist who accused President Bush of creating a war to divert attention from a scandal (like the "Wag the Dog" movie a while back):

You must be very heartless to hate the Iraqi people to such an extent as to blame BUSH for loving them, caring for their plight, (while at the same time trying to PROTECT OUR OWN HIDES!) Four questions for you:
1. Why did you not want the Iraqis liberated?
2.What would you be blaming Bush for if he had leaned your way, and half the nation (literally) had been blown up?
3.Why didn't you want the Iraqi people set free?
4. And finally, WHY are you STILL unhappy about it???????????
Wag the dog, indeed! That movie was more of a reference to Clinton, anyway. The war was NOT a scandal.
Thank you, Diana Smith Highsmith

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