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Saturday, May 31, 2003 :::
Notice that the guy in the caption below (no pic here) has poked five (5) holes in his face & tongue; he can't chew, talk or swallow, and he thinks he's pleasing God. How different and loving is God Almighty who GAVE, GIVES, and WILL GIVE to His people who are called by His name. (John 3:16 & Romans 10: 8,9,10 are your passageways to find the One True God). Notice also, that fake religions require pain (which Jesus already bore), but NO consecration. Ever wondered why the guy doesn't bleed???????? (caption follows)

An Iraqi Dervish pierces his face during prayers in a tekiyah, a place of worship, in Baghdad, May 29, 2003. Swaying gently at first, chanting in monotones, the Dervishes slowly build up to a frenzy of prayers. Dervishes are Sufis, a spiritual offshoot of Islam, who believe their bodies open up to the energy of God when they are in prayer. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj Thu May 29, 2:20 PM ET

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Wednesday, May 28, 2003 :::
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Is THAT fair???????
A minister of Prince Abdulla of Saudi Arabia was holding a news conference of sorts shown on C-SPAN around the second week of May, 2003. He was saying that Saudi Arabia was still a friend of the United States and not harboring or financially aiding terrorists. As he fielded questions from the seated press – all quite nicely, it seemed, he was very relaxed, astute, and was making a good case about how uncooperative banks from European countries are when the Saudis try to trace WHERE money goes AFTER it leaves the European banks. He made the point that banks flatly told them that their privacy laws prevented them from revealing to whom the Saudi funds in question flowed. THEN, a newsman asked about Saudi money sent to America to Islamic charities, and he answered, “What’s wrong with that? – sending money to Islamic charities, adding that they tried to check for terrorist activities in the Mosques and groups that received such monies. His demeanor changed somewhat at this point from easy-going to darting-eyes defensive (that may be an overstatement), but I was immediately aggravated with the never-stated premise: “what’s wrong with funding a religion in your country, the USA, when WE Americans can’t even take or HAVE our religion in THEIR country??? It amazes me that our media (or ANY media, for that matter) never presses this issue; it never comes up. I watch and read the news rather closely, and I’ve never even seen this issue raised. Am I out to lunch?? Can Christians go to Saudi Arabia or (ANY Arab country for that matter) and freely practice Christianity? Can people preach freely? Can Bibles be given away or even owned???? During Desert Storm, it was NOT so; during this last war, Bibles and religious materials could be sent ONLY by family members, and certainly NOT to Arabs. In their countries, Christians aren’t allowed such religious amenities.

Anyway, the spokesman for Prince Abdullah asked this unbelieveable question: It’s not fair? (From my notes, I can’t remember if I said it or he, but nevertheless!!! keep reading…..) I couldn’t help but wonder what our American rights as Christians were, if any, over in HIS country. I found it significant and at the same time embarrassing for all of Arabia that he was standing in front of a backdrop - and I’m not making this up - with a repeated pattern of crossed swords beneath a palm tree. Do WE have swords and guns in our backdrops, announcing our intentions to all who pass by?????????

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It’s been kind of a shock to me as I re-read the blogs I have written (at ) as I’ve tried to stir up thirst for God during my first few weeks in bloggstown. I have expressed so much anger, so much frustration, so much aggravation – really, I’m shocked, but I have seen the same thing expressed by God Almighty in the Holy Bible (these days you have to notate WHICH holy scripture you’re referring to!) Anyway, I was reading the REAL one, the one bought by the cleansing and – let’s not forget- the LOVING* blood of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the whole world. With THAT aside explained, let’s move back to what I wanted to express: that in the ONLY* Holy Scriptures of which not one jot nor tittle will EVER change, God reveals His anger against the children of Israel for becoming like the heathen nations around them, and participating in their sins, not to mention their own sins of rebellion and unbelief, for which their carcasses fell in the wilderness.
Well, upon re-reading MY blogs, I was amazed at how upset I get when writers in the media believe outlandish, anti-God drivel, while in the same breath mock the precepts of God, expressing them liberally (excuse pun) to huge readerships worldwide. They spew their unbelief propelled by a spirit of error, which is at enmity with the Spirit of Truth (1 John 4:4). Why am I surprised, then, when the Lord has Peter reminding us that in the last days there will be scoffers who will laugh at the truth and do every evil thing they desire (2 Peter 3:3)?

Anyway, God is angry at the sin of His people, and I realized that I was angry with people who didn’t love God and WEREN’T His people. Thinking that my anger was all bad and that I had missed the mark (again!), the precious Holy Spirit brought up this Scripture: God is angry with the wicked every day (Ps 7:11). So, I was immediately called away from self-flagellation (which is practiced in heathen religions so devastatingly, a hopeless, man-made attempt to purchase their redemption and righteousness – not going to happen) into sweet fellowship with The Lord’s Holy Spirit, and I felt the warm, affirming, purring satisfaction that what I was experiencing (anger that I related above) was actually God’s emotion, too! I may have gone around my elbow to express:
I’ve been so angry at the sins of the world, but my emotions were lined up with God’s.

There IS a responsibility here that God has given us, and it is not to just STEW about idiotic wrongdoing that a blind world thinks is not only OK, but RIGHT, but that we must PRAY for them – the ones we see in deep sin, deep deception, and deep rebellion. Really, in all fairness, can we expect these to ACT like they have the Spirit of God residing on their insides, in their spirits? No, such an expectation is sheer lunacy – dull ignorance on OUR part…but I’ll declare, I DO get riled when my Alma Mater, Emory University, awards the Dahli Lama with a Divinity Degree!!!!! DIVINITY, no less, and when an Indian cleric sells his mustache hair for thousands of dollars (because it’s supposedly hallowed), and when the likes of Ted Rall or Maureen Dowd write their own lunacies, so soulish, missing the Spirit by miles, yet thousands nod in agreement, either in ignorance or in sheer rebellion. The soulish man sounds SO close to the Spirit man, (a good example is in Proverbs 7 & 8), yet one is deemed foolish and other is the Wisdom of God. Our human reasoning is useless here; only the Spirit of God can give us discernment to tell the difference. At the same time, no amount of human persuasion will sway an error-thinker from his position.
THAT’s why in my blogs, I’ve started adding, “I have authority to say this because I’ve seen the blind see, the lame run, and the deaf hear. Most were people I knew, and even I, a nobody, have prayed in Jesus’ mighty name for the deaf and lame and seen them recover, and have witnessed hundreds of other such supernatural happenings afforded to believers by a Loving Father* through the Blood of Jesus.” In these last days, satan’s minions will have amazing supernatural powers, too, but don’t be fooled, those powers won’t be to redeem and bless a lost and dying world; those powers will be solely to attract the rebellious and those who don’t want God, making sure they never find God.

Our job, again, is to pray for the lost, the misguided, the uninterested, those ignoring God that God would draw them to Jesus (John 6:44) and that God send laborers into each of their harvests (Mt 9:38). This is admittedly hard when someone has offended you about the Lord. Sometimes I’m so mad with Ted Rall that I can hardly pray for him, nevertheless, self control (the last fruit fo the Sprit mentioned) and the Father’s love dwelling within overrides our flesh, and we are able to pray, since the Lord seems to require it to get anything done on earth!

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