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Wednesday, May 21, 2003 :::

Lookie, lookie! More about Senator Byrdness....OOoooppppps! Sorry, that was disrespectful; I don't want to partake in another man's sin, as the Word says.....anyway, here's the latest from Grassfire:


Senator Byrd's dubious attacks on the President's landing on
the USS Abraham Lincoln caused a fury among our Commander-in-
Chief petition signers--many of whom asked us to take action
against the senior Senator from West Virginia.

Afterall, who would oppose a Commander-in-Chief for personally
thanking his troops and welcoming them home?


Grassfire has made dozens of petition deliveries, and in virtually
every case, we have been able to document the delivery with a
photo. Not so with Sen. Byrd and his staff, who refused--even
after we explained that 2,000 petitions were from West Virginia

In light of Sen. Byrd's comments, and his office's refusal to have
a photo taken, Grassfire placed an audacious, full-page ad in
this week's (May 19-25, 2003) Washington Times edition
questioning the Senator's motives for his comments against
the President. Click here to see the ad:

Click here

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Hee, Hee! Yahoo News today says this guy ( a SOMEbody) got booed for antiwar comments (really inexcusible, nutso ideas). Finally, people with common sense and some gumption are startling, challenging , and confronting the left wingers' weirdie ideas. Thank the Lord. We just HAVE to speak up, y'all. Here's the article about it.

A New York Times reporter cut short a keynote address to graduates at a private Illinois college over the weekend after audience members shouted down his comments about the war in Iraq (news - web sites).

Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winner and author of a recent book that describes war as an addiction, was booed Saturday at Rockford College, a small liberal arts school 80 miles northwest of Chicago. After protesters rushed the stage and twice cut power to the microphone, Hedges cut his speech short.

"He delivered what I guess I would refer to as a fairly strident perspective on the war in Iraq and American policy," college President Paul Pribbenow said Tuesday. "I think our audience at commencement were not prepared for that."

Many audience members turned their backs on Hedges, while others booed and shouted, said Pribbenow, who at one point pleaded to let the speech continue.

Hedges said he had given similar talks at several other colleges on his book, but had never had such a response.

"I was surprised at how vociferous it was and the fact that people climbed onto the podium," Hedges said.

Elinor Radlund, who attended the ceremony, said a woman beside her began singing "God Bless America" while a man rushed down the aisle shouting, "Go home!"

"It just got to be a very nasty situation," Radlund said.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003 :::
I can't help but laugh at the ad above my blog offering a site for an INCLUSIVE religion. What a joke. None of them ever offer any LIFE. They're trying to equate Mohammed, Moses, Abraham with Jesus, the Living, Loving Son of God. Well, all that needs to be said is: the proof's in the pudding - the blind see, the lame run, and the deaf hear, all in Jesus' MIGHTY Name, No one else has any power, nor is even alive!

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Monday, May 19, 2003 :::
Still CHOKING over Saudi gov't minister on C-SPAN asking, "What's wrong with THAT?" referring to Saudis sending money over here to Muslim "charities." None of the *&^%$ reporters in the room thought to ask him WHY Christians in America CAN'T DO THE SAME THING in his country????? Well. Christianity ain't allowed, churches ain't allowed, preachin' ain't allowed, etc., etc., etc. Have I got that WRONG????????? Even in UAE, Christians have to meet in homes, not elsewhere.. C' on, now, y'all......NOT FAIR! but...WHY is it NEVER brought up?

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Sunday, May 18, 2003 :::
Dear Sir: About the religion bit you (Bill Keller, NYTimes, bless his unbelieving heart) wrote questioning what, if any, religion President Bush really has..........
My response follows:
None of you will ever know how he got to be President, and none of you will ever be able to best him, because he is being backed in prayer by an army of people who have seen the blind see, the lame run and the deaf hear, in Jesus' mighty name. I, myself, a nobody, have prayed for the deaf and the lame and seen them recover. It is a MARVELOUS age in which to be living. Don't miss it! Please pass this among your editors for their thoughtful consideration.

::: posted by diana at 5:08 PM


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