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Tuesday, May 06, 2003 :::
BAD! HORRIBLE!! THE WORST!!! OH, NOOOOOO!!!!! PLEASE go to to scream about THIS one!!
To sign a letter of concern to Audrey Peeples, click here:

If you wish to send a letter to your local media,

Tell YWCA to make a better choice for its leader than Patricia Ireland
The Young Women's Christian Association has made the horrible choice of Patricia Ireland as its next head, an action sure to turn the YWCA into a radical feminist and pro-homosexual organization promoting abortion on demand, lesbianism and other sexually deviant behaviors. Here's where to demand the girls organization choose a better leader -- or change its "C" to stand for "cross dressing."

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OK, OK, so this isn't very Christian, but it sure was fun!!!! Maureen Dowd has mocked President Bush ONE TIME TOO MANY for me to send yet another kind - well, almost - rebuke to her and her New YorkTimes Editors. With enemies like mean ol', sacreligious Maureen, who can bear it anymore????? Read on, and blast her, yourself - nicely, so she'll know the VAST majority of us in the US DON"T APPRECIATE folks CONTINUALLY mocking our leadership, especially since the OT forbids it!!! Here's her e-mail address: and here's MY e-mail subject and post today: an' don' never say Ah ain't no funnie puh'son.

Maureen, Maureen it's them hemroids botherin' you agin, hain't it?
Honey, them hemorrhoids is jes arful, ain't they??? Ah'm so sorry youse still in all thet pain; it make you soooooo mean! Bone-apartie, he done lost his Frenchy wahr at ol' Waterloopy, frum de same problim. Us Suthern gurls, we never have 'roids or such, 'cuz we say nice thins about ahr leeders...all th' time. Take a cue frum us, Honey Chile, an' yore trubbles will be over. Wudden' thet be grand??????? Yore fren whut never reads nuttin' but yore headlines. P.S. Have you chek'd lately about whut happins to mockers????? Eh????? B'sides, you ain't neveh gone git no White House invitashion thet way, no how!

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Sunday, May 04, 2003 :::
OH, LORD! GOOD HEAVENS! TALK ABOUT "IN SECRET"!!!!!! You become like your companions, all right! These folks say, "It's EASIER among the like-minded!" Check out the news piece below:

San Francisco hosts "Masturbate-a-Thon" Oddly Enough - UK Reuters Sat May 3, 4:17 PM ET

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More than 100 men and women have gathered in famously liberal San Francisco this weekend for what organisers said was the city's second annual public "Masturbate-a-Thon".
Organisers said they have taken the event "from the sheets to the streets", offering volunteers -- 18 years or older -- the opportunity to overcome their inhibitions in "a safe environment" and raise money for charity.
Horace Santry, 55, said the Friday night event was his first. "I have a lot of anxiety, but doing this among a group of like-minded people does make it easier," he said. (End of Excerpt)
Well..that's what HE said. I say, "Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!"

::: posted by diana at 6:18 PM

Humm-mm... Let's see, now...William Bennett has been publicly exposed for gambling over a million in the last ten years...the CEO's have been publicly exposed for spending shareholder's money...those British and French VIPs were publicly exposed (in separate incidents) for forays (AND money dealings, wasn't it?) with Saddam and company...there are 2 others I can't remember right now. Let's see.... some journalist who "copied" - that was a BIG stink - ... and Oh! the University of Georgia basketball coach AND SON booted for bogus classes and credits......and NOW, the ALABAMA football head coach is publicaly exposed and booted AND his SONS!!

Have you noticed how what you do in secret has power over you (your job, your income, your reputation)?
Excerpt from Sunday NYTimes: Alabama Fires Coach for Off-Field Indiscretions By JERE LONGMAN
"Mike Price's career at the University of Alabama ended before he ever coached a football game for the Crimson Tide.
"But Price violated a Southern covenant that permits indiscretion so long as it does not have to be confronted in public. "In the South, there is a different moral code," said Corie Sloan, a senior student at Alabama." (end of quote) Author's Message follows:
Be sure your sin will find you out, Nu 32:23 warns. It's time for all of us to cut out the monkey-business and get on with God's business. Ex: those poor Iraqis who have NEVER heard the Truth nor seen a Bible until they pillaged the Museum's vault and got to inspect the Torahs (which were LOCKED up, by the way, for ...HOW long??)
2 Morals 2 Story:
1. There is a REAL Crimson Tide (analogy not lost on you, is it?) and It washes white as snow.
2. Anything that's hidden will be made known, says Luke 12:2.

::: posted by diana at 9:47 AM


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