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Saturday, May 03, 2003 :::
Hi, Y'all! I just had to share this snippet from a Japanese newspaper. It looks like this group has determined that the world will come to an end in May; just wanted you to know that the demons in the drowned pigs (in the Bible) are still acting up! (excerpt follows)

Cultists fearing microwave attack whitewash roadside

GIFU -- Some 40 members of a bizarre cult have taken over a 200-meter stretch of road in Gifu Prefecture, covering up crash barriers and roadside trees with huge white cloths, it was learned Tuesday.

Mainichi Shimbun
Members of the 'Panawave' cult confront local residents in Gifu Prefecture.

Officials of Hachiman and Yamato, the two central Japan towns that manage the Omami road, have urged members of the Fukui-based cult, the "Panawave Laboratory," to move out but they have refused to comply.

"One of us fell ill while we were heading to Yamanashi Prefecture (so we can't move)," one of the cultists, who are dressed in all white and wear surgical masks, said as their reason for occupying the road since last Friday.

A fleet of 13 white vehicles is parked alongside the Omami road as of Saturday afternoon. Since then, motorists who want to drive along the occupied 200-meter stretch are being stopped by Panawave members before they are allowed to go through.

Hundreds of newsmen have gathered at the scene but the cultists, who claim to be studying environmental damage triggered by electromagnetic waves, would not let them through. Occasionally some television news crewmembers were violently pushed away by cult members who argue that their TV cameras were emitting microwaves....

Cultist held a news conference Saturday after police calmed down both parties. "A senior member suffers from terminal cancer after she came under a microwave attack from communist guerrillas," a cult spokesman said. They added that they are wandering around Japan in search of a place without electric pylons, which emit electromagnetic waves and badly affect the woman's health....

The group claims that electromagnetic waves are causing catastrophic environmental destruction, including a rise in temperature. The damages caused by the waves will ultimately result in the end of the earth, according to the cult.

They also allege that scalar wave attacks are being carried out by communist terrorists who have dispersed around the world following the break up of the Soviet Union. (End of excerpt)
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By the way, has your cat re-carpeted your carpet with her shedding winter coat like ours has???????????? Deedums Itsy Bitsy!
And, Oh! Does the new rock formation in Maine look like the uplifted head of the roaring Lion of the Tribe of Judah?

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Thursday, May 01, 2003 :::
I just wanted to get ahead of the game and express how heroic, successful, and smart our "dumb," big-eared President looked today before the liberals and cartoonists try to make fun of the awesome photo op aboard the Abraham Lincoln. Try as the meanie liberals may, they'll NEVER diminish the brilliance of THAT move by the White House! The reason liberals despise this President is their rebellion; they can't tolerate or abide strong, moral leadership that instills trust in the American people.
I will never have to stand corrected on this concept. P.S. I'm sure it also irks liberals that he can fly that thing, too!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2003 :::
GROSS! look what's been going on for over a century in FRANCE! (Burp) Will their waywardness EVER end????? God's law requires that all blood be drained, and no blood be drunk or eaten, yet look how this Spirit of Error (1 John 4:6) is lavished with praise.
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Restaurant Serves Millionth Strangled Duck
Wed Apr 30, 9:15 AM ET Add Oddly Enough - Reuters to My Yahoo!
PARIS (Reuters) - Select guests gathered at a top Paris restaurant on Tuesday to sample the one millionth duck to be snatched from grassy marshland, carefully strangled and ritually cooked with its own blood.

The legendary Tour d'Argent has been serving up eight-week old ducklings, reared in the west coast Challans marshes, since 1890, meticulously preparing them according to an age-old tradition, and serving each one with a souvenir numbered tag. ..........A former owner of the 421-year-old restaurant discovered the method over a century ago from a chef near Rouen who would buy cheap ducks that had been suffocated on the way to market. He tried the chef's succulent duck dish and was smitten.......(excerpt end)
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Like I said: GROSS!!!! I guess you can develop a taste for anything! And excuse me, but this IS France...makes me ashamed *(even MORE) of my French ancestry! * Borrowing a famous phrase from the Southern Hicks, I mean Chicks. P.S. We're not allowed to say "Dixie" down here.

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Monday, April 28, 2003 :::
TRIPPLE BOO and HISS for hopeless Mike Farrell who just as much as blamed President Bush, et al, for...well read this excerpt yourself. Why not just accuse the President of a "right-wing conspiracy???" Title and Excerpt follow:
Eerie Silence in Hollywood as Anti-War Stars Vanish Sun Apr 27,10:07 AM ET Yahoo!
By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Where has the Hollywood anti-war lobby gone?

Farrell lamented the backlash to celebrities who spoke out -- notably in the case of the Dixie Chicks (news - web sites), who saw radio stations yank their music off the air and fans smash their CDs after Texas-born lead singer Natalie Maines (news) told a London audience she was "ashamed" that Bush hailed from her state.
Maines has since apologized and the band said during a tearful ABC-TV interview that they feared for their lives after getting death threats. But Farrell said the backlash came from a small number of Americans galvanized by the Bush administration and conservative radio talk show hosts.
"There was a well-orchestrated campaign to do that through hate radio and Web sites and voices that sprang from the (Bush) administration and said 'take your choice, you're with us or with the terrorists,"' he said...end of excerpt..............

Truly, I am getting very sick of these REALLY rich people mouthing off, but not changing anything or doing anything positive.* One bright light: Billy Bob Thornton sent a truckload of wipies to the troops. Well, if you can believe it...almost every hour we find stuff like this are hoaxes, but I did read it on a news service...wait, maybe was it Scrappleface??????? Hee Hee! Can't remember, but, I DID read it!!!!
*Some of them may do positive stuff sometimes, but PLEASE! Talk about negating it all......Rant finished. Thank you......

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Boo and Hiss on the Supreme Court who today (Mon.) agreed with and upheld some other stupid lower court's rule that it is unlawful to display the TEN COMMANDMENTS on the Capitol grounds in Kentucky. Boy, I'll bet each Justice who so ruled will RUE the day they made THAT stupid mistake when they face THE REAL SUPREME COURT in Heaven!!! I SURE wouldn't want to answer for it! But the foolishness of preaching what's in the Good Book is just that to unbelievers....foolishness. Too bad for them. What heavy albatosses around their necks! And too bad for Kentucky and America, for that matter. It's a black religious freedom day for sure......

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Sunday, April 27, 2003 :::
So...we've found some nerve gas and mustard gas, huh? We think, anyway. Well, before I saw that news-breaker, I was going to ask:
How long was it that we gave Saddam to hide all his stuff before the war? 12 years?? 10 months?? How long??? Well, let's give ourselves at least that long to FIND the stuff he hid. Bye......

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We don't need to worry about overpopulation...look at China. Their population (that everybody's been so upset over all these years) is under attack in two major ways. At present there are 8 men to 1 woman because of their female abortion may be as high as 12 or 14 to one woman. Boy, THAT'LL cut down on births ! - not to MENTION that each family was limited to one child - but now SARS, and their lying about how bad it was. Well, I don't mean to sound cruel, because this nation has been oppresed, cruelly, for years, but really. All this fear-mongering about world over-population is kinda passe, with all that's happening in China. That's the Buzz from here! See you later....I just LOVE my blog!

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