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Saturday, August 30, 2003 :::
"There is no order! There is no government!"
SHATHA SALEH, after the bombing at a mosque in Najaf, Iraq.

Re above headline from today's NYTimes: WELL! Let's all - -on the count of THREE - -BLAME THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!! 1! - 2! - 3! Ready???? No?? WHAT? It's the ARAB'S fault for not exposing the maniacial murderers? ??????? Oh........ Well, I never heard that. I thought it was all Bush's fault...... Hum-mm-mmm..maybe I've (AND EVERYBODY'S) been told WRONG!!!!!
See below for letter I wrote to Newsweek after ALL their headlines blamed Bush and the White House today (EVERYDAY!) Even Hillary's gotten into the act of BLAMING BUSH for EVERYTHING. BLAME!
BLAME! BLAME! Sounds like the Accuser of the Bretheren is working overtime as he approaches his final defeat.

One more of Newsweek's negative headlines:
Rural Iraq Says U.S. Patrols Are Devastating
U.S. troops' security sweeps across Iraq can have serious consequences for local economies. A look at one village

Devastating for WHOM, I ask?????????

Have you folks lost your senses? None of your headlines relate to the DANGER America (AND the rest of the world, for that matter) is facing due to an ugly, undercover, crazed, manaical group of murderers who want us all dead -YOU included. Can you take a minute and write Newsweek headlines if NO action (that you're SO opposed to) had been taken?????? WHAT would you have said THEN???????? You won't dance to happy music, and you won't grieve to sad music. Are you aware that Americans are SICK of the White House being blamed for each and every Arab/Muslim/fanatic act of horror, even ones against their OWN?????? Thank you,
Besides, WHO believes what they say, anymore? All they ever do is BLAME! BLAME! BLAME! No one in the Arab countries ever accepts any responsibility for anything.

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Friday, August 29, 2003 :::
Check out this convoluted statement from Chalabi. WHY isn't he condemning the irrationals, the murderous bombers????? Instead he is BLAMING the US in a whiny sort of way. The thinking of these people confounds me totally.

"I don't hold the American forces responsible for the al-Hakim assassination," he told Al-Jazeera. "But I hold the coalition forces responsible for security in Iraq. The Americans have taken responsibility for security in Iraq and I appeal to them to keep the peace."

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BUSH Presidential Numbers UP, regardless of untruthful Media...Read on & see what says about this (you CAN believe this guy!!)......

Weekend polls: Exactly one year before every breathless anchor on every cable network will be intoning: As we approach Labor Day - the unofficial beginning of the Presidential Campaign - current polls show …

The Gallup organization released a poll yesterday which had the President's job approval at 59% about which the Gallup organization wrote:
The key point to emphasize in the current situation is that Bush's ratings have held steady over the last 40 days or so, even in the midst of the less than positive news from Iraq

Last weekend Newsweek published a poll showing that 49% said the President should not be re-elected while only 44% said he should which generated an enormous amount of political chatter.

However, yesterday's Gallup poll had this result as to the President's prospects for re-election: Would be more likely to vote for George W. Bush or "the Democratic Party's candidate for President?"
Bush: 51% - Dem Candidate: 39%

That number is actually UP three points from one month ago when it was 49-40.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003 :::

"Blackout Is Just Latest Woe for a Troubled Ohio Utility" (title of NYTimes article, Aug 22). Remember that the Ten Commandments were ordered by the courts to be removed IN OHIO from school grounds, just two months ago???????? I sent the following cutline on June 10th. This TERRIBLE picture will never leave your mind.

Ten Commandments' Removal Today, Aug 27, AND in Ohio, June 9th Read On....
Oh, God! Doom has STRUCK AGAIN!! PRAY! PRAY!

Workers remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from public view in the Alabama Judicial Building, August 27, 2003 in Montgomery, Alabama. The state's chief justice, Roy Moore, installed the monument two years ago but federal courts ordered it moved. (Tami Chappell/Reuters)
##### ####### #########
Subject: Ten Commandments in Granite (?) Removed by Crane in Ohio
( I found this very riveting picture on Yahoo News, Mon Jun 9, 4:14 PM ET )
********* ********** *************
A monument with the Ten Commandments on them is removed from outside West Union High School, Monday, June 9, 2003, in West Union, Ohio. A federal judge has ordered the monument, and others in front of several schools in Adams County, be removed Monday. (AP Photo/Al Behrman)

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'I'm Scared . . . and I Vote!'
The New 'Security Moms'

Commentary from BreakPoint (Charles Colson)

During the next election, politicians will be courting a big new constituency whose bumper stickers might well read: "I'm scared … and I vote!"

Politicians are calling this frightened electorate "security moms." They're the voters who, up until recently, were called "soccer moms"—mothers who worried about abortion rights and good schools, social security and civil liberties. But times have changed, and people have sobered up. On abortion, for example, 68 percent of soccer moms in an astonishing poll now favor banning, or greatly restricting, abortion. Today, there's only one big thing these moms really care about: the safety of their kids. .............
********* ********** ***********
EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT viewpoint. (Go to Worthy Opinion Page to read the rest of this encouraging article.) Please pray that this is the way it will be on Election Day, and that God's will be done on earth, as it is done in Heaven, especially regarding our up-coming election. We can't have too much prayer on this one!

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...from "Islam's Hitler," by Hal Lindsey on June 12 ( taken from Aug 27)

The Muslim world's attitude is even worse. They seem to be willing to justify the crimes of any Muslim dictator, no matter how nefarious, as long as he bears the Islamic credentials of hating and plotting Israel's destruction. And if a Judeo-Christian nation seeks to liberate a Muslim nation from its Muslim tyrant, it is absolutely unacceptable. Arabs would rather see their own brothers suffer than endure the sacrilege of a Western intrusion into their "holy Muslim world."
****** ********** ***********
Let's remember that Jesus said "they" would hate us because of our association with Him.....please go to; it is SOooo fully informative, especially giving news from others nations' news services and papers. Click on Worthy opinions when there..very compelling compilation of what's REALLY happening.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003 :::
Ah-Huh! Ah-Huh! let's deport a few "suspicious" Muslim-types. No? Oh, I forgot, that's not the American way: well, get a load of this guy who was deported from Saudi Arabia for telling folks about Christianity!.......from Worthy News. See below:

Now 42, Ambaye became active in an Ethiopian-Eritrean Christian congregation in Jeddah five years ago, he told Compass. He had worked as a tailor in Saudi Arabia since 1987. During the past two years, a dozen other members of his congregation have been jailed and deported by Jeddah police authorities, who keep the church leaders under frequent surveillance.

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Monday, August 11, 2003 :::
Lookie Here! Our military guys coming home have revealed that the Iraqis have ALREADY had restored to them what electricity, water, etc., they had DURING Saddam's Reign of Terror. They're just rioting beause they want MORE than they had. Gee, the media never tells THAT part of the story, do they????? See below:

Thousands of Iraqis demonstrated in Basra during the weekend, throwing rocks and bricks at British troops to protest water, fuel and electricity shortages in the city. ( AP Photo /Sergei Grits )

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Sunday, August 10, 2003 :::
2 letters I wrote today to the NYTimes -
1. defending the despised Christian Ashcroft,
2. Reminding Frank Rich, a Jew, that he neglected to mention the Bible while discussing the first spiritually-birthed institution (Marriage):

Yes...the Founding Fathers would be horrified that all in government are not like Ashcroft!!!!! Remember (oh, you forgot) that all were commited Christians (save Franklin) who sacrificed their fortunes so you could be free to write such...uh....such stuff daily that defies, ignores, and flies in the face of the Bible, which ALL the Founding Fathers (INCLUDING Franklin) drew from and considered it their plumbline and guide in the birthing of America.

Dear Mr. Rich, How I enjoy your clever writing! You forgot something, though, and being Jewish (I think I remember your saying on a CNN interview way back..two Springs ago)...being Jewish, shouldn't you have mentioned the Torah......or the Old Testament?? It is still the Truth - the only Absolute that there has ever been. Shouldn't you have at least MENTIONED it? The fact that the majority of Americans still adhere to Its Truth flies in the face of and is the basic problem for everyone else's lusts, wants, and consequent ideologies. Shouldn't you have AT LEAST mentioned what God Himself, Our Creator, wrote for us?
Please pass this among your editors for their thoughtful consideration. Thank you,

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Friday, August 01, 2003 :::
FETAL HOMICIDE VICTIMS: great new name for abortion. Thank God!

Fox News Airs Two-Part Series On Fetal Homicide Victims
Summary: The Fox News Channel has aired a special on unborn victims of violence.

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Check out part of Wall Street journal's Best of the Web Today below: Thank God SOMEBODY is tattling on those Dems trying to topple the Prez as best and as unfairly as they can!

Jeremy Heimans, a "political communication" expert at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, and lawyer Tim Dixon weigh in on Salon with some advice to the Democratic presidential candidates:

The message that Bush is a phony needs to be hammered issue after issue, month after month. We'll know this is working when people start using the term in the checkout queues, the gas pumps, the classrooms, the malls, the churches and living rooms across America.

"Bush is a phony"? This is politics by personal ad: "No smokers, phonies or head cases please." Heimans and Dixon got the idea of painting Bush as a phony from Dick Gephardt's speech last Monday, in which the Missouri congressman declared: "Enough of the phony macho rhetoric."

Within a few hours of Gephardt's speech, word reached these shores that American soldiers had killed Uday and Qusay Hussein. If that isn't macho, we don't know what is. But if the Dems want to base their campaign on the argument that George W. Bush isn't really macho, more power to them. Maybe they can take a leaf from Walter Mondale's fabulously successsful 1984 campaign and declare: Let's tell the truth. Mr. Bush is a wimp, and so am I. He won't tell you. I just did.

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